“You need to report him, they’ll put him in jail!”

If I got a dime for every time I’ve heard some variation of that statement I wouldn’t be writing this. My over two-decades-long embattlement with the court system in trying to obtain child support is rarely believed by anyone. There seems to be this notion that the words “child support enforcement” mean something. …

I was abused.

These words are much harder for someone to say than you realize. As a child, living in a situation you have no control over, you become conditioned to think or perceive that what you are experiencing is normal, or deserved. It can take years, if not decades to understand that you were a victim of abuse. Ever so often, one will get the evidence they need to say the words, I was abused.
My mother was not a very nice person. I was born into a situation that never should have happened in the first place. My…

Thea Bryan, MSW

Thea Bryan is an MSW living in Maryland.

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